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Audi’s Q2 is here. Quick, stylish and comfortable, Audi’s first-ever small SUV is bringing a whole new look to the New Zealand market. Customised for style, safety and stability, it’s time to experience the Q2.

Customise your Q2

Impeccable style

Sleek and sophisticated, the customised design of the Q2 gives Audi’s premium SUV real flair. Its geometric shape, combined with Audi’s renowned interior design, places this SUV in a league of its own. Illuminated inlays, LED lighting, contrasting bumpers and a contoured exterior are just some of the features that give this car its distinct flavour.

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Cutting-edge technology

Driving and technology go hand in hand in the Audi Q2. Enhanced driving dynamics, a unique smartphone interface, and an intuitive touchscreen dash - the Audi Q2 is fitted with the latest in driving technology and comfort. Premium driver assistance systems also ensure this SUV is a cut above the rest.

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Advanced customisation

The Audi Q2 may have the four distinct rings, but this premium SUV is awaiting a personal touch. Choose from a range of customisation features to make it distinctly yours. Optional technology packs, a choice of colours and alternative dash visuals, there is more to the Audi Q2 than meets the eye.

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